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caps feature of pharmaceutical desiccant packaging

Carrie May 05,2019 Share this post:

Plastic bottle caps are an important part of the use of pharmaceutical packaging bottles. Most of the caps are in direct contact with the drug and play an important role in gas barrier, moisture prevention and pollution prevention. One hand, it is necessary to prevent the escape of the drug in the bottle; on the other hand, it is necessary to prevent any foreign matter from entering the bottle.

The feature of pharmaceutical desiccant packaging as follow:

The desiccant cap is a form of packaging that integrates the moisture-proof agent into the bottle cap to reduce the intrusion of moisture during use. Currently, the moisture-proof bottle is widely used.

Most of the medicinal caps use PE and PP as the main raw materials. The most common is the common screw cap, which is sealed by the thread in the cap to match the thread of the bottle neck. There are other kinds of functional caps, such as child proof caps, water caps, tamper proof caps, and effervescent tablets caps.

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