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Water vapor transmission rate and water vapor transmission rate of polyethylene bottles

Carrie May 03,2019 Share this post:

The water vapor transmission amount of the polyethylene bottle refers to the amount of water vapor that the sample permeates for a certain period of time under a predetermined temperature, relative humidity, and a constant water vapor pressure difference. The amount of water vapor transmitted by the sample in a certain period of time under the specified temperature, relative humidity, and a certain water vapor pressure difference of the solid bottle water vapor transmission amount, and the liquid bottle water vapor permeation amount is in a predetermined temperature and relative humidity environment. Percentage of water loss in the bottle over time.

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The water vapor transmission amount measurement methods are: the first method cup method, the second method, the electrolytic method, the third method, the weight method. The significance of the detection of water vapor transmission is that the barrier property is the barrier property of water vapor, which refers to the barrier effect of the packaging material on the permeate such as liquid and water vapor. Blocking water vapor performance is one of the important factors affecting the shelf life of products, and it is also an important reference for analyzing shelf life. Through the test and analysis of the test project, the company can solve the problems of moisture and deterioration caused by the product being sensitive to water vapor.

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Here we introduce a concept polyethylene bottle water vapor transmission rate actually contains the meaning of water vapor transmission and water vapor transmission coefficient, these two meanings also have a certain difference, but can be used Indicates the ability of water vapor to pass through certain materials. The amount of water vapor permeation indicates the weight of the water vapor permeating material at a certain temperature and humidity for a certain period of time. The water vapor transmission rate is a standard value of the water vapor transmission amount converted by the coefficient, and corresponds to a standard unit for comparison between different test results.

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