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Solid pharmaceutical paper bag with silica gel desiccant in bottle cap

Carrie May 18,2019 Share this post:

The solid medicinal only bottled silica gel desiccant in the bottle cap is suitable for the fine-pore spherical silica gel desiccant packaged in the solid preparation filter paper bag.

desiccant packaging

Appearance: In the natural fiber bright, face the visual inspection. The paper surface should be flat, no obvious color difference, and all parts of the packaging bag should be free from damage. If printed, the writing should be clear and free of smudging.

Moisture content: no more than 4%.

Moisture absorption rate: relative humidity 20%, moisture absorption rate shall not be less than 7%; moisture absorption rate shall not be less than 19% under the condition of relative humidity 50%; moisture absorption rate shall not be less than 29% under the condition of relative humidity 90%

Anti-drop: naturally falling from a height of 1.2m, not to be damaged

Physical and chemical indicators of paper bags: no flake fluorescence; inspection according to law (Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 General Regulations 0822 first method), arsenic shall not exceed 0.0001%; according to atomic absorption spectrophotometry (Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition general rule 0406), lead-containing Do not pass 0.005%.

Decolorization test: the soaking solution should be colorless

Residual solvent: According to the determination of residual solvent (YBB00312004-205), the total solvent residue should not exceed 5.0mg/m2, and the residual amount of each solvent in stupid and stupid materials should not be detected.

Microbial limit: check according to law (Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition general rules 1105, 1106), the number of bacteria must not exceed 1000 cfu / bag, mold and yeast must not exceed 100 cfu / bag; large intestine love bacteria can not be detected in each bag.

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