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caps for healthcare bottles

Carrie Mar 22,2019 Share this post:

According to the characteristics of health care products, the healthcare bottle caps can be divided into three categories: ordinary cover, moisture-proof cover and pressure-rotating cover. The ordinary cover is made of plastic cover and aluminum plastic cover.

effervescent tubes caps

The moisture-proof cover of the health care product cap is composed of a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bottle cap skeleton, a desiccant, and a cardboard (a multi-functional cap for preventing the child from opening the moisture-proof belt anti-theft ring according to requirements) as a desiccant for the medicine. The food is moisture-proof and mildew-proof. The commonly used desiccant can be divided into a physical adsorption desiccant and a chemical adsorption desiccant, and the silica gel desiccant in the physical adsorption desiccant meets the US FDA standard and is verified to be harmless to the human body.

caps for healthcare bottle

The health care product bottle cap is a kind of medicine bottle which can prevent children from opening at will. It belongs to the technical field of medicine packaging bottles and is used to prevent children from opening the medicine bottle by themselves. The cap has a double-layer structure, the inner cap is screwed to the bottle mouth, and the outer cap is connected to the inner cap. The external force is required to press the outer cover to rotate, so that the bottle cap can be opened, which can effectively prevent the child from opening the cap freely. The bottle cap has a simple structure and convenient use, and can effectively prevent children from opening the cap by themselves, thereby effectively preventing accidents and contaminated drugs caused by children accidentally taking drugs.

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