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What are the factors that affect the blow molding of plastic bottles?

Carrie Feb 27,2019 Share this post:

Blow molding plastic bottles are very widely used materials in our lives, and we will pay attention to it when using it. Sometimes he will have flaws, so what are the quality factors that affect it?

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The first is the blowing speed: in order to shorten the blowing time, the plastic bottle is favorable for the blow molding product to obtain a relatively uniform thickness and a good appearance, and it is required to inject a large flow of air at a low air flow speed to ensure the parison in the mold cavity. It can expand evenly and quickly. There is also the temperature of the blow mold, usually the temperature distribution should be uniform, and the blow molding product should be cooled as much as possible, so as to produce a quality qualified product.

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In addition, in the process of transportation and storage of the finished product, if it can not be properly maintained, it will also affect its quality, so we have adopted thickened cartons to protect the bottle during the transport.

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