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Packaging solution for effervescent tablets

Carrie Feb 25,2019 Share this post:

Xinfuda create a packaging solution that guarantees product stability, maximizes shelf life and ensures optimal performance of effervescent tablets, effervescent packaging consists of one-piece, flip-top desiccated vials, and desiccated bottles across a range of sizes.

effervescent tablet packaging

Effervescent tablets packaging adopts plastic tube and desiccant caps to achieve moisture protection, this design is conventient for customers to carry anywhere, the tube diamater is suitable for effervescent tablets or supplements, the length can be suitable for 10pcs, 20pcs tablets, of course we can slao offer customization for your products. Desiccant cap according to user-friendly design, there are small hand pattern on the top of the cap, which can make users know how to open the cap easily, there is also has open design for hands. There are desiccant container and spring ring inside the cap, desiccant including silica and molecular sieve, which can keep the tube in dry environment, while spring ring can prevent the tablets damaging during the transport.

desiccant cap design

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