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30ml plastic syringe with wide tip for feeding animals

Carrie Feb 22,2019 Share this post:

Xinfuda has different sizes plastic syringe for animal feeding, from 20ml to 60ml. There are also dosage control for the volume customer want. Customer can control the volume through turn the ring and then push the plunger until touching the tube. 30ml plastic syringe and other wide tip syringe can filled from the tip or bottom of the tube. 

dial a dose syringe

syringe filling from tip

30ml plastic syringe with wide tip for feeding animals, animals inclusing horses, cattles, cats, dogs and so on.

30ml plastic syringe for animal feeding

Xinfuda provides reliable primary packaging and controlled drug delivery systems for animal health products. We precision molding machine to deliver high-quality, leak-free, easy-to-fill disposable dosing syringes for veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. We can also offer printing pattern on the tube according to customer requirement.

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