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Do you choose the right type of pet nutrition cream

Carrie Feb 11,2019 Share this post:

Currently, pet nutrition creams on the market are generally packaged in plastic tubes similar to toothpaste tubes, but there are some problems with this kind of packaging.

plastic veterinary syringe

First of all, plastic hose packaging is easy to be frozen in winter, put in a higher temperature and easy to lead to deterioration of nutrition cream, not conducive to the healthy growth of pets. In addition, if the plastic milk tube packaging is used, it is easy for pets to eat packaging, there are certain safety risks for the health of pets.

Compared with the traditional plastic milk tube packaging, the new type of plastic infusion syringe mainly has the following advantages:

First of all, the pet nutrition cream packaged with plastic perfusion machine has a good seal and is convenient to use. Push the push rod directly to extrude the nutrition cream.

dial a dose syringe

Secondly, the plastic instillator packaging pet nutrition cream, can print the scale value in the push rod, can achieve accurate feeding.

Third, the plastic perfusion of toughness compared with plastic hose has a greater advantage, packaging should not be damaged.

Fourthly, compared with plastic hoses, the use of nutrient paste packed with perfusion apparatus can greatly reduce the residue of nutrient paste and avoid the waste of nutrient paste.

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