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"Win in growth" - Xinfuda group 2018 year-end grand meeting is held

Carrie Feb 11,2019 Share this post:

On January 29, xinfuda group held the "win in growth in 2019" - 2018 annual summary and commendation conference and 2019 New Year party! The company's board of directors, middle and senior managers, key employees of various systems and more than 300 people gathered together to share the annual ceremony.

Chairman wang jinjun first made the 2018 company work report on behalf of the board of directors and the company's management team

Report 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, is also A 20th anniversary of the founding of Xinfuda, the joint efforts of all the employees in the Xinfuda and achieved good results in many ways, and production system, maintaining stability, through the 9000 system certification, intellectual property management system certification, the establishment of shijiazhuang functional medicine packaging products engineering technology research center, and was rated A level research and development institutions.

While reviewing the achievements in 2018, chairman wang jinjun made arrangements for the key work items in 2019. He pointed out that in 2019, with growth as the guiding ideology and" seven catching" "as the work measure, the group will complete its goals. Strong innovation, continuous innovation, improve competitiveness; Focus on details, pay attention to details, strengthen the division of labor and cooperation. Strive to achieve the company's goals in 2019!

Annual recognition

The year of 2018 is a year of endeavor. In the 365 days of changes and progress, excellent and hard-working xinfuda people are creating extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions.

This year's commendation conference to the new star award, progress award, production award, innovation award, individual rationalization proposal award, quality guard award, excellent team award individual and group to commend, reward, praise the work conscientiously in each post, fulfill their duties xinfuda people.

Is bound to achieve

Honor represents the past, pioneering achievements of the future. In 2019, we hope that every xinfuda person can continue to maintain their fighting spirit in the new journey, and achieve our common cause and leapfrog growth with the aggressive spirit to make a breakthrough, the fighting spirit to attack the city and the tenacity to grasp the iron.

At the meeting, heads of all departments signed the 2019 performance appraisal target responsibility statement

Middle and high level commitment is bound to complete the goal, if the goal is not achieved, walk 20 kilometers, to vote heart, and take an oath in public

Festival together

After the banquet, the get-together started hot!

All the programs of the annual meeting are arranged by the staff of xinfuda. Let's show our talents and enjoy the happy stage of xinfuda!

The program shows xinfuda people's attitude of striving for perfection in everything

The production and sales of the joint melodrama not only deduces the past and present of xinfuda, but also strengthens the development belief of xinfuda to be the first brand in the world

At the annual meeting, the staff of fidelity fortune obtained various awards such as huawei P20 mobile phone, filial piety down jacket, pressure rice cooker and dried fruit gift box through shake

Xinfuda group 2018 annual summary and commendation conference, 2019 to welcome the Chinese New Year party has come to a successful conclusion! We will continue to forge ahead.

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