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How to use the uterus syringe with the flushing fluid to flush and treat the dairy bovine endometritis

Jason Dec 26,2018 Share this post:

The dairy bovine endometritis is generally treated by uterus perfusion, you can use the uterus syringe with rubber catheter to dose. But before using, you need sterilize this syringe.

uterus syringe

You can choose flushing or pouring or both according to the dairy cattles' condition.

If you use the flushing and pouring both way,you must discharge all flushing fluid every time to prevent fallopian tube from blocking by the flushing fluid.

The times of flushing and pouring can be ensured according to how many,viscosity of the transudation,inflammation indexes and so on.

If the transudation is much and thick,you need flush once evey day.If the condition is light,you can flush once 2~3days.

If you use the penicillin or streptomycin,you need flush once evey day.If you use other antibiotic,you can flush every other day.

The pressure of the flushing fluid don't too big,because the too big pressure may result in fallopian tube infection

The different flushing fluid concentrations are different,you don't go after high concentration flushing fluid blindly,avoid wasting or hurting the endometrium,and result to more serious condition.

When you treat the dairy bovine endometritis,you must flush first,then use the uterus syringe to inject the medicine to the dairy cattle's uterus.

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