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The structure of the 60ml plastic veterinary oral paste syringe

Jason Dec 19,2018 Share this post:

The 60ml veterinary oral paste syringe is the common size of veterinary oral paste syringe,this syringe is generally used for livestocks and pets.

If you want to choose the 60ml syringe to packaging paste products,you need know the structure of this syringe.

So today I will introduce the syringe to you.

The following picture is the syringe's structure.

60ml plastic veterinary oral paste

oral paste applicators

This 60ml syringe comprises the barrel,plunger,piston,located ring and tip cap.This syringe is designed to packaging and inject paste medicine or paste supplement,so this structure is suitable for its applications.

First,the airtightness of the tip cap and the barrel tip is better by interference fit,so the tip cap can protect the paste from the outside environment and keep the paste wet.

Second,the plunger is made of PE material,the PE material is stable,so the syringe can package many kind paste.And the tip of the plunger is wide and long,so when you feed your livestock or pets,the paste don't stop up the tip,and you can insert the animal mouth deep,so the animal can swallow the paste more easily.

Third,this syringe has a large capacity,so the animal health manufacturers can fill more paste in the syringe,and the usable range of this syringe is bigger,it also can be used to bigger animal.

Fourth,this syringe has the located ring,because of the located ring with the screw tooth,you can locate on any location of the plunger,this means that you can ensure the dosage easily,so you protect your animal from the harm of excess drug or supplement.

Finally,the piston is used to ensure the sealing of the syringe and clean the hanging wall paste.So the piston with the barrel is interference fit.

And the piston is made of brominated butyl rubber which is stable.

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