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How to purchase the suitable plastic animal health pharmaceutical packaging

Jason Dec 14,2018 Share this post:

How to purchase the suitable plastic animal health pharmaceutical packaging

If you are a purchaser from a animal health company,you need often purchase pharmaceutical packaging,like paste syringe,vaccine bottles and so on.

Today I will share some experiences about the way and process of purchasing medicine packaging.

  1. firstly,you need make sure what packaging we require,such as what type packaging? the detail of the packaging, and so on.Taking paste syringe as a example,we need know what paste will be filled in,because the paste may react with some material,and we need choose the sealing condition according to the paste.We also need to know the application of the paste syringe,so we can ensure the capacity of the syringe.So in the first step,we should adequately know this drug,then we can choose the suitable packaging.

  2. second,we start to find and assess packaging suppliers.

    1. how to find suppliers? I will introduce three ways to find suppliers

      1. you can attend the animal health exhibitons,like CPHI,EuroTier,in these exhibition,you can find many suppliers from many countries,they will show their product on the booth,if you find the packaging which you require,you can talk with their sales about the products and price.

      2. you can search the suppliers in the Internet with the packaging keywords,then you can find the contact way in their website,then you can send email or give a call to them,then you can discuss the samples and price.

      3. you can search the suppliers in the professional B2B platforms,in the platform,you also can find many packaging suppliers,then you can send email or call them

    2. ensure three(or above) supplier to substantially communicate with them and assecc them,

      1. we should assess them,because it is important,you can assess them from business conditions,supply capacity,technical skills,quality ability.

      2. asking for sample,and track the service condition of sample

      3. you can indentify an initial project,like make a proof or small-lot production

      4. Finally choose a qualified supplier

  3. Then you can enter into a contract with this supplier.

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