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paste for dogs is packaging by the pets paste syringe

Jason Dec 11,2018 Share this post:

paste for dogs is packaging by the pets paste syringe.

Today I will introduce some pastes for dog,many families are feeding dogs,and sometimes you need feed the dogs supplement except dog food,like drug, vitamin.But the supplement may be not easily to feed,so the packaging manufacturer design the pets paste syringe to package the paste,this syringe has better structure to feed dogs for people who has feed dogs.

pets paste syringe

The paste for dogs has many kinds,today I will introduce some practical pastes for dogs.

  1. the vitamin paste for dogs.because when the dog is growing up,the dogs need supplement enough vitamin,like sodium,zinc, manganese, and iron.Although they are required only in small daily amounts, they play an essential role in numerous metabolic functions. When fed as part of a well-balanced diet, trace minerals provide dogs with multiple benefits, including skin and coat quality, growth and development, reproductive performance, paw pad integrity, and energy metabolism.So you need choose the vitamin paste for you loved dogs.Notice:when you buy the vitamin paste,you need see the vitamin ingredient to ensure these vitamins your dogs need.

  2. Probiotic paste,this paste is good for dog's gut function,because the probiotic paste helps repopulate the good bacteria in the gut.If you feed your dog probiotic paste,I think your dog may avoid the diarrhoea which is the dangerous disease for dogs.

  3. the drug paste.when your dogs has infect diseases,you need feed them medicines.Nowadays many pets medicine manufacturer package many kind drugs by paste syrigne.Because the syringe is easy to carry and use for pets owners.The common paste drugs for dogs,like antibiotics paste,anti-inflammatories paste,antiparasitics paste,sedatives paste.

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