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The new technologies of medical packaging in future

Jason Dec 05,2018 Share this post:

Nowadays, pharmaceutical packaging industry is experiencing big market growth,the pharmaceutical packaging market is constantly advancing and has experienced annual growth of at least five percent per annum in the past few years.In the time,the pharmaceutical packaging industry is undergoing change of its own. The needs of the consumer are constantly evolving,so the pharmaceutical packaging company also need keep changing to meet the needs of the consumers' requirements,like product protection, quality, tamper evidence, patient comfort and security needs.

So many pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers is finding new technology and creative solutions of medical packaging.

Then i will introduce some new technologies of medical packaging.

  1. Biological Drugs Pharma Packaging Changes.Biological drugs, like vaccines, antibodies, and interleukins, are very different from conventional small-molecule formulations because their structure resembles substances made by living organisms.The biological pharma is developing fast,many biological medicines are produced in the past years,but some biological drugs may be interaction with the packaging materials,such as glass,silicone oil or tungsten.so the new formats and materials need be demanded,like COP material.

  2. Every year,many children died because of eating medicine by mistake,so many pharmaceutical manufacturer appeal to design the safe packaging for children.

  3. Nowadays,senior-friendliness. There is a growing number of older people suffering from chronic diseases, and they need to be able to access their medication easily.So the pharmaceutical packaging companies also need think that how to easily open the medicine packaging for old people.

  4. Improve the pharmaceutical packaging convenience,because some medicine need be used in home by customer,if the pharmaceutical packaging is open or used difficult,the customer can't use.

  5. The storage condition of medicine is strict,like humidity,temperature,so the pharmaceutical packaging companies need solve different medicines' storage condition problems

  6. Increased Security to Avoid Counterfeiting.Developing countries are still facing serious counterfeiting issues. So, improving supply-chain security must be a top priority for pharma companies.The natural trend right now is moving towards clever labeling solutions in order to stop package tampering.Nowadays,some pharmaceutical packaging companies start to use the new ways to avoid counterfeiting,like Radio frequency identification.

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