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The selection criterias of plastic veterinary vaccine bottle

Jason Dec 04,2018 Share this post:

The selection criterias of plastic veterinary vaccine bottle

Because the plastic veterinary vaccine bottles has many sizes,colors and shapes,so before you choose the animal vaccine bottle,you can see the following contents about the selection criterias.

Now i will say some selection criterias:

  1. this vaccine bottle must be steriled,so you need checkout the contents of bacteria and microorganism,this contents must be conform to international standards.

  2. the stealing of cap which contains rubber stopper and aluminum cap,and water vapor permeability,because the stealing and water vapor permeability are important for the stability of the vaccine.

  3. set product quality standard,then check the products according to this standard,ensure whether the bottle is eligible.And the vaccine bottle manufacturer set standard should be over the country standard and industry standard,and produce bottle with higher standard.

  4. choose the main material,because using different materials can produce different products.So it is best for you to know the different characters of different materials.The common materials are PE and PP.The two kinds materials are suitable for producing veterinary vaccine bottles

  5. the stable and compatibility of vaccine bottle,when you receive the simple,you need test the consistency and stable of vaccine and bottles,because little vaccine can react with bottles.

  6. you also can check the qualification of the vaccine bottle manufacturer,such as the workshops,the workers,the certificates and the standards

When you know these selection criterias,i think you can choose a better supplier of veterinary vaccine bottle.

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