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The transmutative reasons of the plastic veterinary drug bottles

Jason Dec 01,2018 Share this post:

The transmutative reasons of the plastic veterinary drug bottles

The major transmutative reasons of the plastic veterinary drug bottles is packaging some specific veterinary medicines,and filling more hot temperature veterinary drug than the environment temperature.

To avoid the spill or overflow the veterinary medicine bottle,the capacity of bottle is generally little bigger than the capacity of liquid veterinary drug,so the temperature of air in bottle is same with the temperature of the liquid veterinary drug.After a period of time,the temperature of air and veterinary drug drop to room temperature,the bottle creates negative pressure,because of heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract and liquidation.When the negative pressure is more than strength of bottle wall.The bottle wall will be transmutative and invagination.

The other reason is that the similarity-intermiscibility theory of chemical substances.When the material of the plastic bottle is similar to the organic solvent of the veterinary drug,togethers will be mutual dissolution,as time goes on,they will develop into permeation,but the bottles are sealing,with the organic solvent permeation,the inside of bottles will create negative pressure,and the result to transmutative finally.

And the material of plastic bottles is complex,the solvent which is contained in bottles or impurities of bottles maybe relate with the air which is in bottle,also can create negative pressure and result to transmutative.

The plastic bottle is generally made of the PE or PP,when you use this material bottle,this bottle may relate with the esters,ketone or aromatic organic solvent,and create negative pressure and result to transmutative.

So when you choose plastic bottles to package your veterinary drug,first you must know the ingredients of your veterinary drug,then you can choose the bottles according to the ingredient list.

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