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The horse electrolyte supplement can be packaged in syringe

Jason Nov 28,2018 Share this post:

If your horse sweats for a prolonged period of time,the electrolyte may be depleted to critical levels.And the consequences in severe cases can range from fatigue and muscle tremors to potentially deadly heat stress and physio-logical exhaustion.So Routine electrolyte supplementation is part and parcel in the diets of performance horses. Electrolytes are minerals in the horse’s body fluids and tissues that are involved in muscle contraction, thirst regulation, nerve function and maintenance of blood pH.So you must notice to give electrolyte supplementation,when it sweats for long periods of time.

Now i will introduce what is the electrolyte.Electrolytes are common minerals which has dissolved in water,The charges those minerals carry enable them to conduct electricity, and that in turn enables them to play a role in most of the electrochemical processes that sustain life.

And when the horse sweats for long time,the electrolytes has lost to the outside of horse body and must be replenished through diet.According to a research,the horse sweat contains the electrolytes chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and a few other trace minerals. The two electrolytes lost in the greatest amounts are sodium and chloride,so when you look for the electrolyte supplementation,you need choose this electrolyte supplementation which contains sodium chloride.

Which electrolyte supplement you can choose?

  1. When looking for an electrolyte for your horse, sodium chloride should be listed first on the ingredient list, followed by potassium chloride as the second ingredient.And It is best that the electrolyte supplement also contains calcium, magnesium, and a few other trace minerals.

  2. The electrolyte supplement is generally packaged in syringe or wide neck plastic bottle,because of the different packaging,the methods of feeding electrolyte supplement to horse is different.

    1. The electrolyte supplement which is in syringe,you can feed horse directly by the syringe,you only need squirt this electrolyte supplement directly into your horse's mouth.Carry and use this packaging electrolyte supplement is easy and convenient.So if you want to travel with your horse,you can choose this packaging.

    2. The electrolyte supplement which is in wide neck plastic bottle,you can add the electrolyte supplement to a horse's drinking water.These are a safe and easy way to make sure a horse always has access to extra electrolytes.

Finally,some notices you need know.Overuse of electrolytes might cause physical injury, namely ulcers, to mouth and stomach tissues. In addition to following manufacturer recommendations, other management strategies to avoid ulcers when supplementing electrolytes include never administering electrolytes on an empty stomach, mixing electrolytes with some type of stomach buffer and rinsing the mouth with water if dosing electrolytes with a syringe.

These are i know the thing about the electrolyte supplement.

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