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The productive process of veterinary vaccine bottle

Jason Nov 26,2018 Share this post:

The productive process of veterinary vaccine bottle

The production cycle of veterinary vaccine bottle which is produce by injection moulding is short and high efficiency,The injection moulding technology can produce complex shape bottle,high-precision size plastic bottles.These bottle can't be easily produced by other forming methods,so many plastic bottle factory use the injection moulding technology to produce their bottls,in the second place,the injection moulding technology can easilly realize automation,such as injection process,demould process and cutting pouring gate all can realize automation,so the injection moulding is used more and more widely.

Today i will introduce the productive process of veterinary vaccine bottles.

The veterinary vaccine bottle's injection moulding theory is that fill the powdery or granuliform PE or PP raw material in the gunk of injection machine,this raw material is heated and melted in injection machine and keep the raw material flowing,then the injection machine inject the flowing liquid raw material to the closed mould,then cooling the raw material,the melted raw material will solidify,and you can get the veterinary vaccine bottle.

The injection moulding technology also has some disadvantages,first,the injection equipments is higher,second the structure of mould is complex and the produce cost is higher,so this process is not suitable for small amount produce.

The followings are some notices when you are in the injection moulding process.

  1. Before starting the produce the vaccine bottle,you need preheat and dry the raw material,wipe off the redundant moisture and volatile matter,if you do like this,you can prevent that the plastic bottle degrades and has imperfection which can influence the appearance and quality

  2. when you change raw material or product,you need wash the charging barrel

The finally,i will integrally introduce the injection moulding

  1. set the injection moulding parameter,like temperature,pressure and time

  2. prepare the injection mould,prepare the mold carefully keeping the dimensions and specifications in check

  3. injection the molten plastic,

  4. packing of the mold

  5. cooling of the mold

  6. ejection of the mold

These are productive process of veterinary vaccine bottle.

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