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I think the packaging is important for the veterinary drug

Jason Nov 23,2018 Share this post:

I think the packaging is important for the veterinary drug

In the world,many veterinary drug errors are discovered,and i also have seen a lot of veterinary medication errors.If the animal eat or be injected the wrong veterinary medicine,the animal may be hurted.So we need find the causes which cause the errors and prevent these causes.

I find some causes of medication errors include, but are not limited to:

  1. drug names that look alike or sound alike,

  2. drug labels that look alike,

  3. drug labels that are unreadable due to font size or style, lack of background contrast, designs that hide information, or overcrowded information,

  4. drug labels that have inadequate or inconsistent presentation of drug strength, dosage form (such as tablets or capsules), or active ingredients,

  5. drug dosage devices (such as oral syringes) that are difficult to use because of poor design or inadequate directions for use,

  6. use of error-prone abbreviations or symbols on written prescriptions,

  7. illegible handwriting on written prescriptions, and

  8. miscommunication while verbally prescribing orders. [1]

These causes are the common causes,then we need notice these when we feed our animals.

Today i will talk about the bad packaging can cause the veterinary drugs.I think the packaging is important for the veterinary drug.The followings are my viewpoint.

  1. you distinguish the different veterinary medicines according to the outside packaging only,if the packaging is wrong,you can find the true medicine.

  2. some medicine is used by the packaging,like syringe.If you want to use the common syringe,you need practice and gather experience,whether not the dosage of syringe can't be exact,and may be harm the animal body.I find a good syringe,this syringe is used easily,and you can use this syringe without experience,because this syringe has a location ring,when you use the syringe,you only need rotate the ring to the specified scale,then you can inject until the syringe stop.This is the syringe.

  3. the medicine is stored by the packaging,if the sealing of the packaging is bad,the medicine may be go bad also.If the animal eat the bad medicine,they may have a harm.

To prevent the veterinary error,please choose the better packaging.

[1] From FDA website

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