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More And More Pets Nutrition Supplement Pastes Are Packaged By Syringe

Jason Nov 20,2018 Share this post:

More And More Pets Nutrition Supplement Pastes Are Packaged By Syringe

If you feed pets,like dog,cat,and want to add nutrition for them,provides extra energy for them and give nutrition to pregnant or ill pets.You may need the pets nutrition supplement paste,in the market,there are many kinds of supplement paste,like vitamin supplement paste,glucosamine paste,fish oil supplement paste and so on.You can choose the supplement paste according to your requirements.

In many countries,the pets are given some sort of dietary supplement.But you must consult your vet before giving your dog supplements.Your pets may have an underlying condition that needs medical attention.And buy a reputable brand from a respected company.

In the paste market,i find two kind of packages,one is plastic tube like plastic toothpaste tube,the other is paste syringe.In the following,i will compare the two kind package,then you can know why more and more pets paste is packaged by the syringe.

  1. the structure of the two kinds of packages

    1. the plastic tube is made of tube body and tube cap,the following is the plastic tube

    2. the plastic paste syringe is made of plunger with position ring, barrel with the long tip and tip cap.

  2. the disadvantages and advantages of the two kinds packages

    1. the plastic tube has a larger capacity,but the plastic tube don't finish squeeze the supplement paste,always leave paste,this paste is wasted,and the plastic tube can't control the dosage of supplement paste when you feed your pet paste.

    2. the supplement paste syringe can finish squeeze the supplement paste,and the syringe has the position,you can control the dosage of supplement paste,only rotate the position ring to the dosage.

  3. the usage of the two kinds packages

    1. when you use the supplement paste which is packaged by the plastic tube,you need squeeze the paste in a container,then your pets can eat the paste

    2. if you use the supplement paste syringe to feed your pets,you don't need other container,the syringe can help you.you can use the syringe like the following steps,take down the syringe cap;open pet's mouth with one hand over top of head and muzzle;apply pressure with fingers on each side of the jaw hinge;insert over tongue and to back of mouth;slowly push the plunger to administer.

So do you know why the more and more pets nutrition supplement pastes are packaged by syringe.

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