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The horse paste syringe is the best calming supplement paste packaging

Jason Nov 16,2018 Share this post:

The horse paste syringe is the best calming supplement paste packaging

The calming supplement is used to keep horses focused and composed in stressful situations,this supplement is suitable for heavy training, performance activities, competition, racing, and trailering.Because some horses may be nervous when they attend participate in activities.So you need think measures to solve this problem,and the calming supplement paste is a better medicine for the nervous horse.The calming supplement generally contains safe and natural ingredients,like B-Group vitamins,so the supplement don't harm your horse and contravene rules of racing.

The calming supplement contains highly concentrated complex B-Group vitamin which improve energy metabolism and stimulate appetite and concentrated magnesium which used for optimal muscle function and minimizing or nervous behaviour.This calming supplement also contains essential amino acid tryptophan which can reduce aggression and ferfulness.

The calming supplement is generally made into paste,so the calming supply use the paste syringe to package their supplement paste.I think this horse paste syringe is the best calming supplement paste packaging,because this syringe is designed for pasty medicine or supplement,this syringe has suitable structure,like the following:

This syringe is made of barrel with wide tip,plunger with location ring and tip cap.The barrel and plunger are interference fit,so the syringe will have a better sealing.The location ring can control the suitable dosage and prevent over-dose.The tip cap is used for keeping sealing and keep the supplement wet.The long wide tip can be filled easily and feed the horse calming supplement easily.

How to use the horse paste syringe for horse

  1. ensure administer time,because this calming supplement need be administered 2 hours before training or competition

  2. ensure the dose according to the drug instructions or veterinary medical advice

  3. rotate the location ring to the dosage position

  4. then you can administer the calming supplement paste directly into horse's mouth and when possible to the back of tongue.

If you want to know the detailed administer step,you can read my other article"using oral paste syringe to delivery medicine to horse is more convenient"

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