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how and where to buy the plastic disposable oral paste animal syringe

Jason Nov 15,2018 Share this post:

how and where to buy the plastic disposable oral paste animal syringe

Today i will talk about how and where to buy the plastic disposable oral paste animal syringe,this syringe is different from the intravenous syringe,this syringe generally uses to feeding food or oral medicine for animals,so this syringe don't have needle.Now many veterinary pharmaceutical company use this syringe to package their paste or gel syringe.So many people is finding this style syringe,and i will tell some notice to you.

First,you need think why you want to buy this syringe,use the syringe to package veterinary medicine or only use the syringe to feeding your dog,horse or other animals.I think this step is the most important for you.Because this step can influence the following steps.

Then,you need decide the capacity of this syringe,if you use for horse,you need a bigger capacity,if you use for dog,you need a little capacity.

and the common size of the syringe is 5ml,8ml,10ml,13ml,20ml,30ml,60ml,it is best to choose the common size,because the syringe factory generally has the stock of the common size,so you can save lots of time and money which is used to design mold.

Then,you can decide other details,like color,logo,material and so on.The material you need choose from PP and PE,the two materials have difference,you can see my other article - The differences of the plastic material PE or PP.

Then,you need think where to buy the plastic disposable oral paste animal syringe,There has online and offline two ways.I will talk about the two ways in the following:

  1. on the offline,you need find the local syringe factory,talk with them,test the syringe and come to cooperative.But you may not find the suitable syringe factory,in the time,you can try the other way.

  2. If you want to find syringe factory online,you need choose different platforms according how many syringes you want to use

    1. if you only use to feed your animal food,your usage amount is little,you can buy them on the e-commerce platform,like Amazon,Ebay

    2. if you use to package your veterinary medicine,your usage amount is large,you can directly find the factory which is in other countries,in this way,you can get cheap syringe.

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