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treating dairy endometritis can use the 60ml dairy syringe to fill medicine to uterus

Jason Nov 12,2018 Share this post:

Treating dairy endometritis can use the 60ml dairy syringe to fill medicine to uterus

Endometritis is an inflammation of the uterine lining that is commonly initiated at parturition. The degree of its effect on fertility varies with the severity of the inflammation, the time required for resolution of endometrial lesions, and the extent of permanent changes that impair endometrial gland functions and/or alter the uterine and/or oviductal environment. The primary nonspecific organisms associated with endometrial pathology are Corynebacterium pyogenes and the gram-negative anaerobes. 

The dairy endometritis is one kind of dairy endometrium's inflammation,is a common disease of dairy,but this disease is danger for dairy's health,and badly affect the dairy breed.

The finally,i will introduce the 60ml dairy syringe,this syringe is very suitable for he uterus perfusion and uterine flushing therapeutic methods.The following is the 60ml dairy syringe.

The 60ml dial a dose syringe has five parts,the syringe tube,the syringe plunger,the dosage ring,the syringe tip cap and the rubber catheter.This syringe is designed to treat dairy endometritis.

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