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effervescent tablet packaging solution-custom effervescent tube

Jason Oct 27,2018 Share this post:

effervescent tablet packaging solution-custom effervescent tube

Effervescent tablets dissolve upon contact with water to release carbon dioxide and create a drink.Because of this character,the packaging of effervescent tablet is unique of other medicine tablet.

according to a research,50% of people experience difficult swallow tablets and capsule,the effervescent tablet is easy to take and taste pleasant and come in a range of flavors,so many people like the effervescent tablet.So effervescent tablets are a widely used dosage form in the pharmaceutical industry now.Many kinds of medicine are suitable to made to effervescent tablet,like vitamin tablet,cleaning tablets,dietary supplement tablet,herbal blend tablet,ranitidine tablets,potassium citrate tablet,minerals nutraceuticals tablet and so on.So many pharmaceutical factory need the effervescent tube to package their effervescent tablets.

The effervescent tablets is suitable filled in plastic effervescent tube,the effervescent tube has two parts,tube body and tube cap.The following is effervescent tube.

The tube body is made of PP or PE material,this plastic material is stable,in room temperature,the PE packaging bottle can store muriatic acid,orthophosphoric acid,sodium hydroxide water solution.So the tube can store many kind of tablets.

The tube cap has four parts,plastic spring,small desiccant container with desiccant,sealing cardboard and anti-theft ring.Although the tube cap and tube body are interference fit,the tube cap is easy to open.

The plastic spring is used to protect the effervescent tablet from breaking in transit.

As they are particularly susceptible to moisture, the environmental humidity of tube inside must be carefully controlled at all times.So the tube cap has desiccant,the desiccant can absorb the water of tube air to keep the tube dry.The desiccant can be choosed from silica gel or molecular sieve.But in international,the desiccant generally use silica gel,because the silica gel is more safe.

The sealing cardboard can not have decolorizer and fluorescer.

The anti-theft ring can protect the effervescent tube from opening by other people,so the effervescent tablet can safe.

If you need effervescent tube,you can custom the material,the size,the color and desiccant.We also can design the a complete set of effervescent tablet packaging solution by your effervescent tablet.

The effervescent tube need meet the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our factory is a professional medical packaging factory,we can offer medical packaging solution for you,like paste syringe,vaccine bottle,effervescent tube,twin neck bottle,CRC bottle.Our factory is concentrate on pharmaceutical packaging all the time,according to your request,we can design different packaging for you.we can offer you this range of system solutions,you can freely choose the suitable packaging.Our products is made in GMP workshop,so the products has better quality and safe than other packaging factory.

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