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using oral paste syringe to delivery medicine to horse is more convenient

Jason Oct 26,2018 Share this post:

using oral paste syringe to delivery medicine to horse is more convenient

It is difficult to delivery medicine to horse,peoples who feed horses,like horse,cow or pets.They need think many measures to delivery medicine.

It is difficult to swallow tablets and capsule for horse.There are two basic ways of getting oral medications into a horse: (Hopefully) letting the horse consume medications in his feed, or by administering the required medications directly into his mouth.Now many peoples use oral paste syringe to delivery medicine to horse.Let us see the oral paste syringe and how to use the oral paste syringe to horse.

The oral paste syringe for horse usually has a wide tip,because small tip may harm the mouth of horse.In generally this syringe has three size,like 20ml,30ml,60ml.The 60ml is the biggest capacity for the oral paste syringe,since a horse's mouth can hold only 60ml(2oz).Then i will talk about the structure of the oral paste syringe,the oral paste paste syringe has five parts,syringe tube with wide tip,syringe plunger,dosage ring,seal and syringe cap,the following is the picture of oral paste syringe.

The wide tip can protect the horse mouth.

The dosage ring can control the dosage of medicine.

The syringe cap and seal can control the sealing of syringe,so the syringe can keep well.

Then i will introduce how to use the oral paste syringe for horse.

  1. With your right hand on the halter, Put your left hand against the left side of your horse's muzzle – nothing more. If your horse resists, do not remove your hand. Instead put pressure on the halter encouraging them to lower their head. Upon the slightest "try", immediately release pressure. Do not remove pressure at all until the horse yields and never at the second your horse is exhibiting any resistance.

  2. now try to insert your left thumb in the corner of the horse’s mouth – nothing more. Most horses will open their mouths at this point. Be careful not to get your thumb too far back as the molar teeth start about 3 centimeters behind the corner of the mouth. This is often the hardest part for horses that do not accept oral medications. If your horse doesn’t open their mouth, or throws their head or rears, put pressure on the halter encouraging them to lower their head. When there is a slight yield, immediately release pressure.

  3. With your right hand, slip the tip of the syringe into the left side of the horse's mouth, entering at the toothless bars. Angle the tip up and back, over the tongue, as far as you can reach without poking the roof of his mouth. Though most horses accept the syringe quickly, others repeatedly bob their heads or turn their noses sharply left or right. Follow the motion until there is a moment of stillness.

  4. With one quick squeeze, dispense the entire dose, following your horse's head up if he flinches. The object is to shoot as much of the preparation as possible over the back of the tongue, where it won't dribble or be spit back out.

  5. Immediately remove the syringe and your thumb, and let your horse lick the inside of his mouth clean.

Tips of using the oral paste syringe

  1. Stay calm and patient, and pay attention to detail and timing. 

  2. Make sure that the horse's mouth is empty, and that there is not a wad of feed in your horse's mouth already. Unless instructed otherwise, give oral medications before feeding.

  3. If the medication is bitter or you believe your horse dislikes its taste, you can mix some corn syrup, molasses or apple sauce with the medication. 

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