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The advantages and disadvantages of PE and PP material pharmaceutical bottle

Jason Sep 30,2018 Share this post:

The advantages and disadvantages of PE and PP material pharmaceutical bottle

  1. The advantages of PE pharmaceutical packaging bottle 

    1. the PE pharmaceutical packaging bottle has excellent chemical durability,in room temperature,the PE packaging bottle can store muriatic acid,orthophosphoric acid,sodium hydroxide water solution

    2. the PE bottle has excellent low temperature performance,the lowest use temperature is -100~-70°C

    3. at normal temperature,the PE pharmaceutical packaging bottle don't dissolve in common solvent

    4. this PE packaging bottle absorbs water hardly

    5. this PE medicine bottle has better electrical insulating property

    6. the permeable rate is low

  2. The advantages of PP pharmaceutical packaging bottle 

    1. the relative density is smaller,in the same volume bottle ,the PP bottle is lighter.

    2. better mechanical property than PE bottle,and process properties is good

    3. the PP packaging bottle has higher heat resistance

    4. the chemical properties is good,the PP material bottle absorbs water hardly,and this PP bottle do not react with most of chemistry medicine

    5. the PP material is pure,and don't have poisonousness

    6. the PP pharmaceutical bottle has better electric insulativity

    7. the transparency of PP material pharmaceutical bottle is better than HDPE material pharmaceutical bottle's transparency

  3. the disadvantages of PE pharmaceutical packaging bottle

    1. but the PE material can be destroied by concentrated nitric acid and fuming sulphuric acid strong oxidation water solution,so the PE packaging bottle can't store the strong oxidation water solution.

    2. the PE packaging bottle is easily oxidized by light or heat

    3. the organic steam transmittance is high

  4. the disadvantages of PP pharmaceutical packaging bottle

    1. the PP pharmaceutical packaging bottle has bad low temperature resistance,and the low temperature impact strength is bad

    2. the PP packaging bottle easily ages because of the light,the hot temperature and oxygen

    3. the dyeing property of PP packaging bottle is bad

    4. the PP medicine bottle easily burn

    5. the PP packaging bottle's toughness is bad

    6. the PP packaging bottle's dyeing property,printing and bonding property is bad

    Now i will compare the PP material bottle and PE material bottle more specifically.

    • analysis from heat resisting property,the PP bottle is better than PE bottle,under normal conditions,the melting temperature of PP bottle is above PE bottle's melting temperature 40%-50%

    • analysis from rigidity,the mechanical property of PP bottle is better than PE bottle,because the PE material has smaller density

    • analysis from low temperature resistance,the PE bottle is better than PP bottle,so in generally,the medicine which need refrigerate is packaged by PE bottle

    • analysis from ageing resistance property,the PE bottle is better than PP bottle

    • analysis from toughness,although the PP bottle's intensity is higher than PE bottle,but the toughness of PE bottle is better than PP bottle

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