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pets feeding teacher tell you how to use oral paste syringes for pet 30ml

Jason Jul 12,2018 Share this post:

Now many families are feeding pets,when the pets are ill,it is difficult to feeding medicine to pets,so today I will talk about how to use 30ml oral paste syringes for pet.Dogs is the most popular pet.I will tell the methods with the dog example.

Whether your dog has appetite,as long as that the medicine isn't very stimulating,you can feed medicine with oral paste syringes.

Before filling the medicine,first add little water to medicine,made medicine paste,fill medicine paste to oral paste syringe,then start to fill medicine to dog.

First,let dog stand,in the time,let assistant tighten dog's collar and fix dog's maxillary or mandibular,then your one hand hold the oral paste syringe,the other hand open one side dog mouth,then inject the medicine paste to dog's mouth from you opening one side mouth.Then let the dog swallow the medicine paste.

Then you should repeat the steps until the dose is up to standard.

                                          oral paste syringes for pet 30ml

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