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Desiccant Stoppers Give Tablets Dry Condition.

Carrie Jan 12,2018 Share this post:

Tubes with desiccant stoppers is a functional packaging to deal with some troubles of pharmaceutical factories. Many medicines need a dry condotion to keep their expiration date, which need the medicine packaging to deal the problem.

tubes with desiccant stoppers

The tubes with desiccant stoppers can deal with the moist, there are silica gel desicant and safe stopper on the cap, silica gel desiccant can absorb moist from the bottle or air, stopper is safe to store the desiccant seal.

spiral desiccant cap

Another cap is not only with desiccant and stopper, but also with spiral prevents tablets damaging. The desiccant stoppers can use in tubes and bottle.

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