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Probios Probiocin Oral Gel Dog&Cat Supplement Syringe

Carrie Nov 15,2017 Share this post:

oral gel supplement syringe for dogs, cats or birds is necessary for animals. Oral gel supplement syringe has cather tip and narrow tip, and there are 8ml, 10ml, 13ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml and 60ml for the ready products. The tip of cather tip syringe is wide and the syringe with dosage lunger. While the narrow tip syringe is diaposable.

dog gel supplement syringe

Probios probiocin oral gen dog&cat supplement syringe can effectively control the drug volume for animals. There are scales on the lunger, and you can turn the ring to control the volume which animal need. The little volume without dosage is disposable.

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