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How to Reduce the Air in the Prefilled Syringe

Carrie Nov 14,2017 Share this post:

Pre-filled syringes are widely used in the west, but it is still a new type of packaging in China. Oral paste applicator for animals is popularr, and the prefilling syringe is very stable.

prefilled syringe

There is no bubble to produce prefilled syringes, and even in the lowest vacuum there are still some air molecules inside the syringe. If the best conditions are used, the bubbles may be small enough to be invisible to the naked eye. The size of the residual bubble depends mainly on the vacuum degree and the filling level of the syringe during operation. Dissolved gas amount can be ignored, such as the traditional way of vacuum pressure plug: within a 1 ml (long) syringe filling 0.75 ml of water based products, and in the pressure of 100 mbar, will produce 2 mm diameter of bubble pressure (based on 1000 mbar). Since the gas is dissolved in the product, the volume of air bubbles can be reduced by about 10%.Generally speaking, the pressure of the syringe shall be significantly higher than the vapor pressure of the product.Low vacuum, small friction, high filling level, high gas solubility and the use of putter will reduce the residual gas space in the syringe.

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