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Asthma Inhaler Supplier

Carrie Jun 16,2017 Share this post:

Asthma inhaler is popular in the world especially for asthma patient. Asthma Inhaler has special structure and design for asthma patient to pharmacy convenience.  Asthma inhaler is used by inhaling through mouth, with the best effect and precise dosage, which is the best method to dosing for cure the asthma and pulmonary diseases, especially for the patients who need the long-term medication. In the current state, the air in China is heavily polluted, this product brings the good news to the patients who have suffered pulmonary and rhinal diseases.

Asthma inhaler 

Pulmonary drug delivery system as a kind of injection, which can effectively increase the patients with drug resistance, the lungs of biological metabolism enzyme activity is low, no liver first effect, the pulmonary drug delivery mode, can greatly reduce the dosage, reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Dyr powder inhaler

Dry powder inhaler, a device for the achievement of pulmonary drug delivery through active patients with inhalation, scatter drugs into powder mist into the respiratory tract, achieve the goal of treatment. Existing common acupuncture type asthma inhaler, due to the needle prick capsule would produce capsule shell debris, easily with asthma inhalation lung. Small and needle holes, easy drug residues in the capsule shell, the absorption rate is low.

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