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Xinfuda Belonging to Zoetis Supplier

Carrie Jun 12,2017 Share this post:

Zoetis inspected Xinfuda Medical Packaging Co.Ltd, in March 2017 and officially became manufactured supplier on 2th June 2017.

Xinfuda Medical Packaging products including plastic veterinary syringeeffervescent tablet tubeplastic injection vaccine vial and PET pharmaceutical container.  

Xinfuda Belonging to Zoetis Supplier

Zoetis Inc. Is the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccination for pets and livestock. The company was a subsidiary of Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, but with Pfizer’s spin off of its 83% interest in the firm. It is now a completely independent company. The company operates in 70 countries worldwide with recent expansions into Southeast Asia and China.

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