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Plastic Sterile Veterinary Syringe with CE Certificate

Carrie Jun 05,2017 Share this post:

Sterile veterinary syringe with 8ml,10ml,13ml,20ml,30ml,60ml can contain veterinary vaccine and medicine for cow, horse and pet.

As a well-known disposable syringe manufacturer in China. Our sterilized plastic syringe is produced in the 10,000 grade modern purification workshop using pharmaceutical grade raw material. Excellent sealing, unique design, easy handling and convenient application reflect high quality. Also, our product can be applied to primary disposable product packaging such as adhesives, sealants, caulks, greases, lubricants, inks, colorants.

Veterinary Syringe

Sterile veterinary syringes clinical use common medical apparatus and instruments, mainly used for liquid injection and gel. On the safety and effectiveness of the feeder detail specified requirements and test methods, including sliding performance is discriminant syringes quality is an important performance of the size of push pull strength and stability is directly related to operation. Research from the following points below syringes sliding resistance sources.   

A profile, sterile veterinary syringes sliding performance experiment The technical requirement of syringes sliding performance and experiment method is detailed rules, which require syringes initial tension in the process of push and pull, the average thrust force should be less than a certain value; Meet certain minimum inference and maximum reasoning scope, the scope has an average thrust calculation, and push force value should be relatively stable in the process of syringes, shall not be too big or too small push force value. Regulations, the colleague clear parameters related to the results, through unified parameters to ensure the comparability of different laboratory experimental data.

dosing oral paste syringe

Second, sterile veterinary syringes operating slide performance analysis Syringes sliding performance in practical operation and the sliding performance is different from the experiment, the thrust resistance sources more complex, in addition to the sliding resistance from syringes piston itself and pain, also includes injection with a needle diameter, needle end resistance and pushing injection velocity, etc. Both push note the parameters of different leads to different sliding performance results.                          

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