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Evident Tamper Cap and CRC Theory

Carrie May 26,2017 Share this post:

The test and test standard of evident tamper cap and CRC packaging is late in our country, until mow, there is not any rule about children pharmaceutical safe packaging rules in China, America relevant rules have nine rules about children pharmaceutical safe packaging requirement, which is mainly focus on the child safety packing points method and goose down to safety and testing method of opening, etc. The evident tamper cap child safety one of the most common packaging form.

evident tamper cap 

Evident tamper cap for children safe packaging generally based on polypropylene injection into the soft-core, polyethylene plastic cover the two pieces of composite set cover, when open the cover and inside must be pressure, make the cover to resist to cover the end of the convex block, and make its chimeric together, rotating at the same time, otherwise will not be able to open the bottle cap.When tighten the cover, you just routinely put on bottle tighten.The opening method is different from general medical bottle cap, so can effectively prevent children open one, and the use of drug safety protection role.

moisture proof tamper container with CRC 

Xinfuda Medical Packaging evident tamper cap for inside and outside two layer of the double-layer structure, cover the top of the medial and within the cover at the top of the lateral, connected through the slot, have prevent children open function;, cover the top with a drug storehouse, in the middle of the drug storehouse with clapboard, divided into two parts, part of desiccant, another part of the oxygen agent, at the top of the drug storehouse with links to the ring to cover the inside of the inside of the air holes for drug storehouse, drug storehouse, the top of the cover, is equipped with the plug, plug cooperate with the precision of the bottle, can ensure the sealing.Cover with a safety strap, the lid when tightening, safety circle above the safe teeth with a bottle of teeth will each other, security circle above the bottle safety tooth will interact, safety strap from the lid, this process is not repeated.

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